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November 9, 2016

Check out this sweet review of World of Final Fantasy from our friends at Gamers of the Round Table! Tune into their radio show on Thursdays at 8pm!

World of Final Fantasy Review
Alex the Kidd, Gamers of the Round Table

Square Enix brings Final Fantasy fans their favorite characters as they have never seen them before Ė as Chibiís, in the whimsical World of Final Fantasy. Does this installment in the international franchise live up to the name, or does it fall flat as a childish attempt at a cash-grab?

The Good

The art direction for this title is inspired Ė taking from the franchises long past, characters from every Final Fantasy game make appearances throughout the world of Grymoire in Chibi form, small caricatures of their original character designs. Fans of the long running series will be happy to see many familiar faces, along with some new ones; this creates an inspired opportunity to reunite fans with their favorite FF characters, while introducing them to an entire roster of characters from past games they may never have experienced.

The battle system has a learning curve, but the game makes it easy for players to pick it up and learn the ropes while providing witty dialogue that creates a connection between the protagonists and the player.

This game does not take itself too seriously, both poking fun at the world itself, and breaking the fourth wall to point out the ridiculous nature of some of the situations. Itís this humour that makes the game as enjoyable as it is; players who can laugh along with the characters and enjoy lighthearted fun will be fans of this entry.

The Bad

The Chibiís themselves may make this a difficult title for hard-core Final Fantasy fans to take seriously. While many of the characters from past installments retain their core personalities, there are many silly moments where the main protagonists make light of what could be otherwise tense situations. This is a very light-hearted game, and those fans who expect stoic or moody protagonists in their Final Fantasy game will most likely steer clear of this title.


10/10 Ė World of Final Fantasy delivers a well thought out game, which is both nostalgic and refreshing for fans of the series. This is a game that players of all ages can enjoy; whether you are a long-time fan, or just dipping your toes into this series, the world of Grymoire awaits with all the wonders of Final Fantasy beckoning you. Will you answer the call for adventure?

November 3, 2016

CAPER RADIO HAS FINALLY DONE IT! We are on the FM dial! It's been a long time coming. We are in the middle of our 3 week on air testing period which will last until Nov 17th! Friday Nov 18th will be our official FM launch date! You'll be able to tune into CJBU 107.3 FM for a series of live in studio performances from local artists! Stop in the studio at CBU the day of our launch for some coffee and refreshments, purchase a brand new Caper Radio t-shirts, bumper stickers, on air giveaways and take in the performances. Stay updated at www.caperradio.ca or like us on Facebook!

Caper Radio will be available on 107.3 FM with a low power signal and will have a limited reach for at least the first year of operation. We are hoping that the CRTC will grant Caper Radio a license to increase it's power in 2017/2018.

Tune into Caper Radio - CJBU 107.3 on the FM dial or online at www.caperradio.ca for underground, indie, local and alternative music, local and community events/news and much more!


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