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May 12, 2016

For those of you trying to tune into Caper Radio this evening we are very sorry! We are having some technical issues with our streaming software.

The problem will be rectified by 10:00am May 13th, 2016.

We're sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. If there is a particular program you missed due to the problems we will be more than happy to make sure you hear them somehow.

Love and patience,

Caper Radio Management

April 7, 2016

Caper Radio is beyond pleased about the landslide success that was Destigmatize! The fundraiser brought in close to 4000 dollars, to be donated to the mental health unit of the Cape Breton Regional Hospital. There was so much hard work put in to this event by so many wonderful people and so much great music played to an enthusiastic crowd. The atmosphere was fun and inspiring throughout the entire show and Caper Radio is very happy to have taken part and extremely thankful to everyone who made the day possible, (in particular, our favorite intern, Victoria Chapman) as well as everyone who came out, donated and had a great time!

Mammoth Electric is the radio show brain child of our station's music director, Tanner Leudy. Mammoth Electric is a mix of many music genres, including blues, soul, garage rock and punk. Make sure to tune in Mondays at 3pm to listen to Mammoth Electric!

If you need some new music to listen to, try these two new albums: Atlantis Jazz Ensemble - Oceanic Suite and Shotgun Jimmie - Field of Trampolines

Atlantis Jazz Ensemble are from Ontario and their newest album, Oceanic Suite has already hit #1 on the jazz charts in Canada. The official release of the album is out April 15, 2016. Keep an eye out for it on their facebook page: here.

Shotgun Jimmie is from Brandon, Manitoba and is a mainstay in Canadian indie rock. His most recent album, Field of Trampolines, can be found here.

March 31, 2016

This Saturday, April 2nd, is Destigmatize - a fundraiser show for local mental health efforts. This event will take place from 3pm-10pm at the old Holy Angels chapel and will feature 12 local bands, several of which will be making their debut performances! We are very excited to have a day full of our community's homegrown, underground music, some brand new and some old favorites! So come out this Saturday and help support a really important cause, bring all of your friends and have a great time!

Late Stage Deafness is Caper Radio's only program featuring metal, punk, grindcore and other extreme music genres. Produced by Jesse Gainer, a Cape Breton native who now resides in Montreal, Late Stage Deafness is sure to give your ear drums a good blasting with the sounds of a diverse selection of Canadian and international music. Tune in Wednesdays at 9pm to get your fix of the loudness!

Two new albums for everyone to listen to this week are: The 427's - Mavericks and ttwwrrss (pronounced towers) - ttwwrrss_3

The 427's are a surf rock, film noir inspired band from Calgary, Alberta. You can listen to their newest album, Mavericks, here.

ttwwrrss (pronounced towers) is an experimental/industrial hip-hop artist from Hamilton, Ontario. You can listen to ttwwrrss_3 here.


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